Zinsky has the ability to capture the moment, a skill that all artists aspire to, yet rarely achieve as successfully and easily as Zinsky. Read more –> Zinsky, now in his mid thirties, has continued with his non-conformist lifestyle and this continues to be reflected in his urban art. Very much wanting to avoid the […]

John Holmes – Prints – Surrealist Art

Among some of the worlds leading surrealist painters, Holmes takes much of his inspiration from Salvador Dali as well as Rene Magritte. Read more –> Click on image for higher resolution: John Holmes 1935–2011 England. Surrealist Painter His first one man show was at the Raille Gallery Islington in 1961 followed by years of many successful shows […]

Robin Elvin – Prints

Elvin was among the first artists to portray the then Lady Dianna Spencer and Prince Charles just before the wedding. Three Robin Elvin paintings are included in the Royal Collection. An association with the great Muhammad Ali resulted in some of Robin’s finest work. Read more–> Robin Elvin 1957 – 2015 In 1995 Elvin was […]

Inge Clayton – Etchings

Tarts with Glasses by Inge Clayton.

It is naturally assumed that works of art that exalt the eroticism of the female body must have originated in the eyes of man: Inge Clayton and her passion for the human form prove this assumption wrong. Read more –> Click on image for higher resolution: See also original paintings by Inge Clayton. Inge Clayton […]

Ali Yanya – Etchings

Gossip by Ali Yanya

I am working on group compositions with shadowy, figures against unrecognisable spaces. Read more –> Click on image for higher resolution: Ali Yanya – MA. RCA.  Born Istanbul In a recent unpretentious statement, he says: At the moment I am working on group compositions with shadowy, standing figures against unrecognisable spaces. The main idea behind these […]