Colin Shepherd – Wood Sculpture

I love working with wood. I spend all my spare time woodturning using many different woods and specialising in inlay with a special interest in segmented work. Colin Shepherd – Born 1945 A 5-year apprenticeship in joinery with a shop fitting company. After 10 years, I moved to a number of different jobs within the […]

Richard Gower

My paintings have evolved into ‘Reflections’… but, if you’re a musician why play just rock and roll or just jazz”  Read more –> Click on image for higher resolution: Richard Gower – BA – Born 1962 UK Studied at Batley College of Art in the 1980’s where he specialised in fine art and sculpture. Over the […]

Johannes von Stumm

Johannes von Stumm’s unique combination of three different materials has attracted public and critical acclaim in a decade of successful exhibitions, both in the UK and abroad. His startlingly original sculpture, which engages continually with risk and a defiance of accepted laws, joins iron, granite and glass to create abstract or reduced figurative works in […]

Csilla Varga

I craft sculptures that become an experience for the viewer. Creating sculptures is so satisfying, they hold for me, a strong presence and become another being, another entity in space. Read more –> Csilla Varga – BA – Born Hungary 1975 For me sculpture begins when words run out. I try to achieve more levels of meaning, more possibilities […]

Anita Toscani

Toscani’s inspiration is the natural world and the human body; the expression of love – be it between a parent and a child or a couple. Her abstract bronzes are never so far removed from the figurative as to become unrecognisable, but she also creates purely abstract pieces, organic forms based on nature or inspired […]