Ava Reeves – Etchings

Dove by Ava Reeves

Reeve calls her paintings her “slow release paintings”. She relates it to meeting someone for the first time from first impressions with a willingness to explore. Read more –> Click on image for higher resolution:   Ava Reeves – BA Reeves work is sometimes exposing and there are hints to its meaning, almost daring the observer […]

Susan Gray

I capture light, movement and atmosphere of the Devon & Cornish coastline. Read more –> Click on image for higher resolution: Susan Gray – BA I was formally trained in Fine Art at the Buckinghamshire Chiltern art collage. A large part of my inspiration is from frequently painting the coastline of South Devon and Cornwall. […]

Sally Trueman

Sally Trueman’s new works are fresh and inspiring. Many of her paintings are started ‘plein air’, even the larger canvasses are often started on stormy beaches in Kent or in the tranquil landscapes among the almond trees, olive groves and the lavender fields of the South of France. Read more –> Click on image for […]

Wlad Safronow, Ira Tsantekidou

Femme Fatale by Wlad Safronow

Wlad Safronow has been creating his own artistic world which he calls “The New Mythology” Read more –> Click on image for higher resolution: Wlad Safronow – Born Germany1962 Whether he is painting animals, humans, towns or abstract compositions his paintings are always outstanding. Safranow has his own unmistakable style that gives all his figures a […]

Ian Macdonald

Launderette by Ian MacDonald

Click on image for higher resolution: Style: Still life Figurative Humour