Alex Rennie

After what can only be described as a phenomenal number of years, this talented artist development has gone from strength to strength and the energy evident in much of his early work has matured into a vibrant and unique style. Read more –>

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Alex Rennie BA – Born 1977 UK
During the last year Rennie has received acclaim and just recognition for his new work. His paintings are much sought-after by avid collectors of contemporary art worldwide. Rennie’s work is diverse, mature and has assured brushstrokes.
His quest to constantly develop as an artist demands that his paintings are fresh and exciting. Artists such as Goya, Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Peter Doig are reflected in some of work.
Portraiture has enabled him to use his figurative work with life models, use of colour and energetic brushwork creates a modern take on the classic style that brings his subject matter to life.

Major Exhibitions:
National Portrait Gallery Scotland 2006
BP Portrait Awards – National Portrait Gallery London 2005/2006
Lauderdale House London.
Newcastle Portrait Museum of Art.

Corporate Collectors:
London Stock Exchange Building
Take Over Panel City of London
Indian Art Collectors Bureau – Deli
Tempest Radford Corporate Art – London
Koc Holdings London & Istanbul
Recognition Listing: The Dictionary of British Artists

Style: figurative, abstract, city-scape