Josephine Hacking

The unpredictability of the wind upon the waves…

Josephine Hacking – Cornish Artist

The inspiration for my series of seascape came from walking along the coastal path in Cornwall.  The curvature of the waves, depth and vivid colours of the water are exceptional and truly representative of this beautiful area.  The vastness and emptiness of this painting underlines the fact that the sea demands respect.

The unpredictability of the wind upon the waves at dusk sent shivers down my spine as my mind imagined the danger and unpredictability of the sea.  I was inspired to catch the light, space and colours of the sea in Cornwall. What is beyond the horizon, one can only imagine.  Where does this image take you?

“Naive Artist Josephine Hacking depicts the Cornish coastline with bold brushstrokes in her most recent seascapes. Hacking’s palette with varying blue hues brings out the menacing seas of the Cornish coast.”