Mike White

Splashes of colour started appearing in my work which lead to an abstraction of my paintings. Read more –>

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Mike White – Born South Africa 1950

Attended University of Kwazulu Natal where I studied Classical Fine Art specializing in Drawing and Painting. For many years I painted the African landscape, first in situ and later from photographs.

Over the years the landscapes became less figurative and slightly abstract. Splashes of colour started appearing in my work until I suppose the splashes lead to an abstraction. The form of the landscape remained and its colours enhanced. This new, more spontaneous direction represented a liberation and freedom and allowed an expression of my emotions. Despite this freedom the work continued to be carefully structured and as a reminder classical greek titles are sometimes used to describe the eternal angst of the creative process.

I spend half my life in rural Wiltshire and the rest in Zimbabwe trying when I can to be in perpetual summer in both worlds .  The contrast between them sharpens my appreciation of each world. I was lucky to see the abstract expressionists at the Royal Academy a few years ago and their work undoubtedly had a profound effect on me.

Style: abstract landscape