Ramon Moral Abad

A tangible framework where space and time get trapped…..


The formal development of my work has its starting point in landscape, specific places which provide an autobiographical note; places where I have been to or passed through. A tangible framework where space and time get trapped. If we enter this pictorial space, thoroughly, we could discover its full dimension. We could soon identify uncanny elements here and there clashing with their environment and which —inevitably, maybe in an incomprehensible way- make us feel part and parcel, in some way or another, of what appears to be an intrusion; recognising in such elements our congeners’ trail in a natural environment.

Ultimately, what we are faced with is a personal representation of what I understand to be an ongoing conflict between human beings and their environment. I use any pictorial means available to me to suggest that, in spite of conflicting forms all around us, perhaps some sort of balance is possible.

  • 2005/6  PhD in Fine Art (Phase I), Castilla-La-Mancha University, Cuenca. Spain.
    1998      FA Research: Contemporary Issues in Art & Design Practice, Kensington and Chelsea
    College, London. UK.
    1989/90 Advance Painting, Central St. Martins, London. UK