Sally Trueman

Sally Trueman’s new works are fresh and inspiring. Many of her paintings are started ‘plein air’, even the larger canvasses are often started on stormy beaches in Kent or in the tranquil landscapes among the almond trees, olive groves and the lavender fields of the South of France. Read more –>

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Sally Trueman – Born 1960 UK
My paintings are built up in layers and transparent glazes are applied to allow light to radiate from within the painting. The process of scraping and wiping down the paint surface, repainting and the subsequent scarring of the canvas becomes a metaphor for life.
I feel that my future work is on the verge of becoming neither figurative nor abstract. I am becoming more concerned with the texture of the oil paint on the canvas. I don’t play with lots of different media. I am primarily an oil painter but I do play with colour and glazes. I like to build up a “heavy” texture, which create a focus of interest and at the same time on the canvas have thin glazes which creates a total emptiness. I sometimes tend to overwork my paintings; the idea that an artist can “just do it” is a total myth.

Trueman is known internationally for her work through exhibitions with high profile galleries worldwide. Many of her pastels are now held in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the world as well as her oil paintings.

Lucy Holden, contemporary art critic in New York, once described Sally Trueman’s paintings “…as an alluring journey into the artist’s forbidden psychic.”

Style: Figurative, Seascape & Landscape