Sarah Pooley

Sarah Pooleys work focuses on paintings which can be seen as a study of artificial simulations through the exploration of social spaces and their use of industrialised technology. Read more –>

Sarah Pooley – BA – Born 1978 UK
The creation of consumerist social space deliberately aims to manipulate experience and affect visitors through the use of architecture, elaborate interior design and artificial lighting; technology is increasingly present within these social spaces. The subject matter although based on social spaces, consists of depicting themed parks, elaborate restaurants and theatre stage sets.
Consumerist brands are completely awe inspiring with their anything goes attitude to the parks or other worlds they create. Huge set designs that push the boundaries of technology to engulf the viewer into the world that they have created for them to enjoy. Pooley’s work depicts this as a simulation of an experience and socialisation.
Batchelor of Arts Cambridge School of Art. – BA (Hons) & ARU