Afshin Naghouni

Afshin Naghouni – Born Tehran 1969

Naghouni does not follow any particular style of painting. He enjoys the freedom to express himself as the mood takes him but if he had to make a choice cubism would be his choice,

Naghouni works big in a larger-than-life way, zooming-in close-up to produce a super-sized canvas in a neo-figurative style that captures the appeal of intimate moments in a woman’s life. It expresses his inner self and sometimes he surprises himself with the end result.

“Naghouni teases you in his canvas ‘dolly-shot’ whilst, simultaneously, considers the controversialists view of whether it is that Muslim women are oppressed and exploited while western women are liberated, or vice versa?
Estelle Lovatt, Art of England, December 2011

Graduate Degree, London Metropolitan University, Sir John Cass Department of Art Media and Design

2010/2011: Kensington Royal College of Art, London, Art for Youth