Anita Toscani – Bronze Sculpture

Toscani’s inspiration is the natural world and the human body; the expression of love – be it between a parent and a child or a couple. Her abstract bronzes are never so far removed from the figurative as to become unrecognisable, but she also creates purely abstract pieces, organic forms based on nature or inspired by music. Read more –>

Anita Toscani – Born 1952

To create a fluid shape which has movement from a substance as solid as stone; to capture the tension in curves and the interaction of one shape with another.

I feel that there comes a point when there is a ‘rightness’ to interacting shapes and a tension to a curve… and it is for this reason that Toscani is continually searching in her abstract work.…

A recent passion is to express the acceptance and calm with which the suffering of innocent victims is born particularly by women and children, be it famine, war or abuse of any sort.

I wanted to honour these victims in some small way with a recent sculpture “Silent Scream”.

Style: figurative bronze sculpture