Jake Kneale – Photography

Wiltshire amateur Photographer – Winner of the youth category of the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2019 &  RSPCA Photographer Award December 2020

‘Sunrise Sanderling’ was taken on the South Coast. I lay on the tide line for many mornings where the tide exposed an area of glassy smooth wet sand which reflected the soft sunrise light creating a haze of colour across the composition. When the small sandpiper ran across the sand, I clicked the shutter with the bird moving out of the frame leaving the viewer to wonder where it is headed.

‘Kerrera Lighthouse’ was taken on the West Coast of Scotland, looking out across the Sound of Mull. When I saw the storm clouds building before sunset I knew exactly which viewpoint to head to (a photo I had taken a number of times before). As the sun set, orange light spilled through gaps in the dark purple and blue clouds. I moved along the coastline so that the lighthouse was framed by a pool of orange light reflected in the sea. I took a panorama to capture the full breadth of the tumultuous seascape.

I am delighted to have had my photography recognised in a number of international photography competitions, most notably winning the overall youth prize in the RHS Photographic Competition in 2019 and winning the youth category of the International Garden Photographer of the Year in the same year. I have also been fortunate to have my work featured in print, including an interview in the ‘Rising Star’ section of Amateur Photographer Magazine.