John Alvero Caldas

“Caldas’ portrayal of confrontation, consolation, support, compassion and profound love is a triumph”. Phillip Ward Green “Arts Review”. 11th May 1984″But clearly Caldas knows here exactly what he is doing, and is undeniably his own man”.  John Russell Taylor The Times. 27 Sep. 1983 Read more –>

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John Alvero Caldas – Born Manchester 1934 – 2006

Quotes, art writers:

“These images are as hard-won and authentic as any Richard Morphet selected and wrote about in the catalogue to his exhibition “Traditional Method and Subject in British Art” at the Tate in 1984 Phillip Ward Green, “Arts Review”.  25th Sep 1987

“His ‘Women in Library’ is the finest new painting I have seen in years and ought to be in the Tate”.  Phillip Ward Green “Arts Review”. 30th Sep 1983

“I have my life, my living, my ideas, beliefs, opinions, obsessions, with command over my materials, with control over the task of the least, with my own consciousness which gives a reality to external reality so what an army of teachers, and the idea of self- taught becomes meaningless.

The Royal Academy London Portico Gallery Manchester 1996
Paris Salon / Galerie Vallonbeure Biarritz East London Gallery 1979
Manchester Academy Graeme Dowling Gallery 1992
Royal Institute of Fine Art Glasgow Gallery 202 – 1989 -1991
Folley Gallery, Manchester 70’s/80/s

The McNeill Gallery are delighted to  continue to exhibit a selection of Avero Caldas works on behalf of John Alvero Caldas jr.

Style: figurative