Ola Rutter

My Inspiration is taken from various sources including nature, the built structure and textiles. Read more –>

Ola Rutter
I am an abstract artist based in Berkshire and have been creating artwork for many years using mainly acrylic paint as a medium on canvas.
After obtaining my doctorate from Kings College University of London, I worked in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry as a Scientist yet throughout this phase I always explored the artistic side and now dedicate my time to my artwork. I absolutely love the creative process in the production of art carefully designed to embrace movement colour and energy.
This bold and vibrant approach to contemporary work I find lifts spirit and soul. All my paintings are lovingly created with emotions putting me into an almost transcendental state as I work seamlessly from start to finish on each piece and my work gains in form and structure almost miraculously on the canvas beneath my hands.
I am inspired from many sources including nature, the built structure, textiles, and inspiration from the work of other artists such as Gerhard Richter, Jackson Pollock and Jonas Gerard.
My paintings have been sold to private collectors around the World including those in New York, Singapore, Paris and London.
We welcome Olayinka as a new artists to McNeill Gallery and hope that you are inspired and uplifted with her beautiful creative paintings.