Robin Elvin

Robin Elvin was among the first artists to portray the then Lady Dianna Spencer and Prince Charles just before the wedding. Three Robin Elvin paintings are included in the Royal Collection. An association with the great Muhammad Ali resulted in some of Robin’s finest work. Read more –>

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Robin Elvin 1957 – 2015

In 1995 Robin was approached by the Louisiana State Musical Heritage commission and asked to do a series of paintings depicting the legendary blues men. This three-year project resulted in a touring exhibition, which was viewed throughout the United States, receiving critical acclaim. The project proved to be the catalyst for several openings, guitar legend Walter Trout saw Robin’s work and commissioned him to design and produce the entire artwork for his first live album ‘Face the Music’.

In the same year he painted a Jimi Hendrix memorial album cover Blue Haze, another album cover was for young guitar virtuoso Danny Bryant’s album ‘Shadows Passed’.

Since this incredible success Robin has been approached by numerous known names and companies to undertake major commissions including the Sultan of Bruni who commissioned a portrait of HRH Queen Elizabeth 11 in 2014 and is now held in the Royal Collection.

Style: figurative