Sarah Barrow

New Works: Summer Exhibition 2023

It is the commonality and individuality of people and choice that Barrow depicts in her paintings.

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Sarah Barrow Born 1975 England


It is my hope to put down on canvas the images, thoughts and emotions in my head that reflect the life I have had so far and the observations I make. These can be simple appreciations of something beautiful, a scene or a feeling yet often have a slight sense of foreboding.  I love to use colour and usually use my fingers and cloth to paint with oil – both applying and removing the paint to give texture and light.

Sarah Barrow is from the North of England.   Her immediate family heritage has strong and direct links with working in the coal mines of the North East, namely Seaham Colliery.

Her father left the pits at a relatively young age changing his path which was otherwise mapped out.  Part of her new series reflect the simple desires of miners namely “my dad who loved Jam sandwiches for his lunch.”

It is the commonality and individuality of people and of choice that Sarah tries to depict in her paintings.

This along with the work of Lowry, George Bellows and Turner are of major influence.

Barrow’s new series of paintings are of northern crowd scenes, reflecting the contrasting emotions of day to day life. This can provoke loneliness, often faceless and yet with an underlying sense of belonging… the realisation that the individual is always somehow part  of a much, much bigger picture.  The fascination with life and our journey has led Barrow to try and capture the beauty, expanse and the sense of foreboding.

These new works are much more organic in that they almost take on a life of their own and often involve painting many layers before the final piece is completed

Style: Figurative &  Landscape