Stephen Spicer – Ceramics

“Ceramic plates (Fired paintings) in the shape of 18” earthenware to evoke figuration’s, often on themes parallel to my paintings” .Read more –>

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Stephen Spicer – Born 1942 – ARCA P.HD – Royal College of Art
Spicer has exhibited in a number of group and community exhibitions with several one man shows throughout UK. namely Studio 1 Hampstead 1971, Stove Gallery Devon 1976 and The Royal Academy 1994 and 1999 Summer Exhibition. Solo Exhibition McNeill Gallery Wilts 2017/2019

Slipware pottery is identified by its primary decorating process where slip is placed onto the leather-hard clay body surface before firing by dipping, painting or splashing. Slip is an aqueous suspension of a clay body, which is a mixture of clays and other minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica.

The Royal Academy 1994 and 1999 Summer Exhibition
Graduated Royal College of Art 1962-1965 – ARCA P.HD

Style: Figurative, Landscape, Ceramics, Raku & Slip-ware