Stephen Spicer – Ceramics

Slipware pottery is identified by its primary decorating process where slip is placed onto the leather-hard clay body surface before firing by dipping, painting or splashing. Slip is an aqueous suspension of a clay body, which is a mixture of clays and other minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica.

“Ceramic plates (Fired paintings) in the shape of 18” earthenware to evoke figurations, often on themes parallel to my paintings” Read more –>

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Stephen Spicer – Born 1942 – ARCA P.HD – Royal College of Art
Spicer has exhibited in a number of group and community exhibitions with several one man shows throughout UK. namely Studio 1 Hampstead 1971, Stove Gallery Devon 1976 and The Royal Academy 1994 and 1999 Summer Exhibition. Solo Exhibition McNeill Gallery Wilts 2017

My work comes from a close observation of nature and an intensely experienced subject. The relationship of Space between the spaces. Light creates space creating a platform for the viewer to enter and be drawn to the reality of my paintings. “True directional view of reality, use of simple tones and disposition and energy of the forces to produce what I see. The force behind and direction of energies outside which I empathise with.

The Royal Academy 1994 and 1999 Summer Exhibition
Graduated Royal College of Art 1962-1965 – ARCA P.HD

Style: figurative landscape ceramics raku