Ami Miao

Exhibition from 16th October – 28th October 2020

Ami Miao – Born 1976 Anhui China
Miao began painting in middle school, graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (Oil Painting Major) with excellent result in 2000. He is accomplished at expressing still life as well as portraiture, for example, part of his works whose themes are china expressed lively. Many of Miao’s works are exhibited abroad with great success.
Young Miao abounds with confidence for his own art creation, and aspires to devote his life to painting.

Exhibition 1998 His oil painting WOMAN NUDE won the Silver Award in Work Exhibition of China Academy of Art.
1999 His works ELEGY REECHO, GIRL IMAGE, LUZHI MONK TROUBLES WUTAI MOUNTAIN Exhibited China Art Exposition in Hangzhou and won the Excel Prize.