Daniel Berry – Summer Exhibition

This painting of The Blue Rose was influenced by the film Pans Labyrinth by Film Director Guillermo del Toro. Read more –>

Daniel Berry – Born UK 1998.

“Cosmic Formulae”
In this piece of work, I have attempted to directly link the human being to the divine. By breaking down human anatomy into its fundamental structural basis with the skeleton, I have incorporated geometry into it by also reflecting upon its fundamental and sacred meaning. I found that Metatron’s Cube aligned perfectly with spinal pressure points leading to the skull. Inside of which I created a genesis pattern, focusing my attention on the ‘egg of life’ with actual leaves which contextually stem from nature itself, the Sephirothic tree of life and the development of a foetus.
The central seed roots grow, esoterically, from the heart as the brightest flower and the rest of the geometric figure falls into place making a hexagram out of the skeleton. I used marbling ink with drips to point towards the chemical aspect, or alchemical context, and gouache for the skeleton as it was a paint I felt comfortable using and I used string and leaves to emphasise the geometry in this piece.

“Saturnalian Feast
Utilising themes of festivity, mythology and occult anatomy, I created a figure of a human nervous system with the skull of a stag. Naming the piece after the Roman feast of Saturnalia, the symbols above the head are the esoteric planetary signals of Intelligence, Character, Spirit of Saturn. The seven-small scale geometric figures adorning this central figure along the sides are the five main platonic solids with the addition of two extra geometrical figures of the (Dyson) sphere and star tetrahedron, relating to the properties of the seven subtle energies of Charkas inside Metatron Cube’s. The figures converge in a meditation on the electrical energies and impulses given off through the nervous system.

         The Blue Rose
This painting was influenced by the film Pans Labyrinth by Film Director Guillermo del Toro. A little girl is rubbing her pregnant mothers Tummy who is telling her stories of mankind’s fear of the blue rose because it offered the gift of immortality sacred to the mountain which holds only one blue rose at the top. It is symbolic of the Philosopher’s Stone Metamorphosing disappearing into the inky blackness.

BA Hons University Art Bournemouth,
Mixed Media (Marbling Ink, Gouache, String, Leaves) on paper
& Lithograph Limited Edition Prints

Style: figurative