Hashim Akib

New Works: Summer Exhibition June 2023

” Contrasting flecks of colour, heavy textural paint and expressive brush strokes combine to bring greater depth and mood to each painting.”  Read more –>
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Hashim Akib – Born 1967 England

The emphasis in my artwork reflects the immediacy of getting information and emotions out onto canvas. I avoid any initial drawing instead I plot my way around the canvas using rapid, blocky brushstrokes, generous amounts of neat paint and rich colour.

My drawing background facilitates the representational aspects although these are often offset by some of the randomness of the brushstrokes.

My subjects are diverse as everything is seen as abstract shapes with a certain rawness keeping alive the spontaneity and vitality found in the early marks. I particularly find figures in street scenes immersive as I can relate or speculate on their stories while capturing a moment in time through paint.

Throughout his career Akib has won many awards; including in 2009 the SAA (Society of All Artists) Artist of the Year, having won the Professional title in 2005 and 2007.


1987 Highly Commended, Cadbury’s Young Artist of the Year
2000 Braintree Summer Open, Hannay Award
2005 International Artist Publication, ‘Favourite Subjects’
2005 Winner SAA Professional Artist 05
2006 The Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition, Mall Galleries
2006 The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Galleries

Published Books:

2021 DVD available online
2019 Painting Portraits in Acrylics -Launch, August 2019
2017 Painting Urban and City-scapes,
2016 Vibrant Acrylics including basic techniques,
2012 “Vibrant Acrylics, Part 1

Style: City-scape & Landscape