Jan Blemmings Etchings

Blemmings is a painter and printmaker who is at home whether painting outdoors or in her studio. Read more –>

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Printing Process
Carborundum and dry point – Intaglio and relief method – Carborundum grit is applied to a metal plate, other lines are made directly into the plate with a sharp tool. The grit and the lines hold ink to transfer to the paper.
Etching – Intaglio print method – A wax/resin based ground is applied to the plate and dried. The image is drawn into the ground with an etching tool. The plate is then put into an etching agent, which dissolves where the ground has been removed.
Collagraph – Intaglio and relief method – mounting card is cut away, tissue is applied,
shellac, paper textures are used to create the printing plate. This varied surface takes up different quantities of ink, which are reflected in the image which is transferred to the paper.
Wood cut – Relief method – the areas of the image not to be printed are cut lower than the surface of the wood board, the areas that are untouched, hold the ink and are printed.
Abstract, Figurative & Still Life