Laura Kirkpatrick

My mark making and form, bring together strong compositional elements. Each painting is a journey, striving for a visual energy by pushing against an obvious resolution. I want to convey a deliberate intention within the freedom of the abstract field. Read more –>

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Laura Kirkpatrick – BA – Born 1975

My paintings are expressions of things that I’ve seen and re-seen. Everything is potentially interesting and inspiring. Working through my sketchbooks; sometimes drawing realistically – or sometimes freely translating lines and shapes, I love collecting ideas that I can translate into my work and experiment with how they appear on the canvas. I view my sketchbooks as incubators where I try out new concepts without judgment

The space between figurative and abstract intrigues me. Questioning how an artwork is read by the viewer and how a figurative element can change that reading; I have recently been working on small watercolour cut-outs of realistically painted butterfly wings. I’ve been experimenting with introducing these into my abstract paintings, pursuing ideas of perception and what tensions can be created and resolved.

Lancaster University – Batchelor of Arts
Swindon Collage of Art – Foundation

Style: abstract