Tess Armitage

Solo Exhibition ‘ BEYOND from 26th May – 3rd June 2023 at McNeill Gallery

For this exhibition I have painted rural landscapes in and around  Dorset & the moors in keeping with with wild and untouched places that inspires my work. Read more –>

By exploring paint through mark making, scratching, splattering and palette knife work my paintings evolve spontaneously with an intuitive response to the landscape.

I have spent much of my life living on the edge of Exmoor and it is this connection with wild and untouched places that inspires my work.

“I hope to reach beyond visual representation and evoke the spirit of a place, so that the viewer may engage with the work and perhaps just for a moment be taken there. As my painting journey progresses I am continually exploring media and techniques to capture the beauty around us.”

Armitage studied Textile Design in Nottingham gaining a BA (Hons) in 1991. She taught Art and Design until 1998 when she started painting on a full-time basis using her experiences in Africa and Nepal as inspiration for her work.

Armitage began to sell her work professionally in the late 1990s working as Artist-in-Residence in a Manchester Gallery.